Market Service

Shenzhen Commodity Exchange Market Federation actively plays the role of government assistant and member assistant, timely reports the construction of enterprises to the government, and provides members with services such as financial services, fiscal and tax management, intellectual property rights, development issues and needs. Guarantee docking care, business resources, assist member units to apply for policies, financial support, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of members and consumers.

Shenzhen Commodity Exchange Market Association always adheres to the service concept of "linkage market and creating value", gathers market power and expert wisdom, and holds professional think tanks such as Standardization Technical Committee, Fashion Consumption Professional Committee, Trade Circulation Expert Committee, Cross-border E-commerce Live Broadcast Industry Committee, Education Committee, etc. Based on big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence technologies, and relying on financial services, the company is committed to the informatization, standardization and intelligent construction of commodity trading markets.

To design and build an intelligent information service platform for Shenzhen commodity trading market, and provide scientific data for innovation, service improvement, risk control, industry standard setting and government macro-control of the commodity trading market, as well as for regulation, policy support, analysis and decision-making. Build an exchange platform at home and abroad to promote precise investment promotion of the industrial chain, improve investment efficiency, sharpen "Shenzhen Brand", launch "Shenzhen Boutique, Shenzhen Best", "Seek market for enterprises" and "seek brand for market", actively promote the connectivity of commodity trading market and resource sharing, meet the multi-level and diversified needs, and effectively promote the construction of our city as an international consumption center city. Enhance efficiency and the whole society, radiation the whole of China's "double zone" construction joint force.

Through the exclusive product selection center, foreign trade enterprises can more easily and efficiently obtain customer purchasing clues and trading volume, crack the export pain points of foreign trade enterprises, realize the order cracking growth of foreign trade enterprises, help foreign trade enterprises export easily and realize "enterprise growth".