Global selection center


Shenzhen Commodity Exchange Market Federation, a global selection center, integrates all kinds of advantageous resources, provides professional, efficient and highly valuable comprehensive service system for domestic and foreign merchants, builds a new platform service model, promotes effective cooperation and circulation of global commodities, and makes business simpler and more efficient.

Source product SKU
Source product SKU
Ecological service enterprise

Talent pool
Hundreds of university resources/more than 300 e-commerce talents/dozens of recruitment agencies

Order library
All types/annual purchase orders worldwide


Variety selection


Household consumer goods
Kitchen supplies, bamboo and wood products, glassware, ceramic products, cups and tea sets, disposable kitchen supplies, stainless steel products, cleaning supplies, rain gear, hangers, storage supplies, garbage cans, flashlights, batteries, rags, mops, storage racks, air fresheners, laundry and washing supplies, etc

3C Electronics and Healthy Living
Small household appliances, digital entertainment, mobile phones and accessories, audio, power products, electronic security; Massage chair, massage table, foot bath products, eye massager, eye mask, goggles, eye care instrument, blood pressure, blood sugar detector, mask, electronic thermometer, home electrocardiogram, health detector, pedometer and other home detectors

Gift stationery beauty makeup class
Holiday supplies, oil painting and picture frame, DIY products, gifts and stationery, beauty and hairdressing products, cosmetic appliances, oral care products, washing products, health care, essence essential oil, body shaping, nail beauty, etc

Furniture building materials and horticultural hardware lighting auto and motorcycle fittings
Indoor furniture, outdoor furniture, office furniture, children's furniture, dining tables and chairs, sleeping bedding, doors and Windows, lighting hardware, locks and clothes drying, custom home decoration, curtain paint, smart home, etc. Gardening equipment, gardening utensils, hardware tools, automobile and motorcycle consumable parts, automobile beauty maintenance, vehicle electronics, interior accessories, automobile maintenance tools, shading equipment, weeding equipment, irrigation equipment, barbecue equipment, horticultural building materials, small machinery, power equipment, electrical equipment, pipeline equipment, etc

Shoes and clothing textile luggage sports outdoor category
Fashion brand, sports brand, men's and women's wear, children's wear, underwear, swimsuit, sportswear, fashion shoes, sports shoes, children's shoes, cool Shoes, slippers, functional shoes, all kinds of bags, hats, fabrics, home textiles, textile fabric dressing, jewelry, glasses, sports and fitness equipment, fitness equipment, fitness products, ball games, badminton, boxing, skiing and surfing, outdoor sports, yoga, amusement equipment, tents, camping, swimming pools, etc

Toys for mothers and pets and comprehensive food products
Toy brands, fashion toys, electronic toys, game products, plush toys, educational toys, mechanical toys, riding toys, cribs, cribs, strollers, baby gifts, diapers, maternity and baby care products, pet clothing, food, toys, utensils, leash, toiletries, litter, training supplies, etc.; Wine, ingredients, baking, coffee, tea, beverages and other comprehensive food exhibition area