Shenzhen’s “top-stream” business district is accelerating!


In September this year, the Happy Coast on the shores of Shenzhen Bay was transformed into a fashion show, with brand shows, art life exhibitions, fashion forums, and modern life festivals appearing in turn, jointly creating a new scene of urban fashion consumption and attracting many trendy people to perform "fashionable street joints". This is Shenzhen Fashion Week joining hands with characteristic commercial blocks to explore new formats and models of fashion consumption, injecting new momentum into the active improvement of the business district economy.

At present, Shenzhen is accelerating the construction of a consumption center with important global influence. Among them, benchmarking against the world-class to build a world-class landmark business district and a number of high-quality key commercial districts are the key starting points. Since the beginning of this year, Shenzhen has been guided by "basing itself in the Bay Area, radiating the whole country and facing the world", anchoring "world-class" multi-point efforts, promoting the accelerated rise of emerging business districts, upgrading existing business districts, attracting more high-quality consumption resources to layout Shenzhen, further optimizing consumption supply, improving urban consumption energy levels, and adding vitality to Shenzhen's construction of a consumption center with important global influence.


Characteristic business districts "beaded into chains" to build a multi-level business system


From the opening of Shenzhen Bay Ruiyin RAIL IN, Bayside Mall, Guangming N Power, Exhibition Bay Garden in the first half of the year, to the recent appearance of KK TIME Kingkey Baina, Shenzhen high-quality shopping centers continue to "new" this year, further enriching consumption formats, optimizing consumption supply, enhancing the agglomeration radiation of urban business districts, and stimulating the vitality of urban business districts.

The "multi-point blossoming" shopping malls have been connected into characteristic business districts, which have become an important carrier for Shenzhen to accelerate the construction of a national consumption center city. In July this year, Shenzhen announced the list of the first batch of city-level demonstration characteristic commercial districts (pedestrian streets) and night-time economy demonstration blocks, among which Futian CBD business district, Bao'an center business district and Houhai business district were listed as characteristic business districts. It is reported that the selected business districts are all world-class landmark business districts and high-quality key business districts that Shenzhen has built in line with the international first-class benchmark in recent years.

The "Several Measures of Shenzhen on Accelerating the Construction of an International Consumer Center City" issued last year clearly stated that the construction of Futian Central Business District, Houhai Super Commercial District and Luohu Core Business District should be accelerated, and a world-class landmark business district integrating international consumption destinations and iconic urban landscapes should be created. A number of key business districts such as Huaqiang North Pedestrian Street, Xiangmi Lake International High-end Consumption Zone, and Sha Tau Kok Shenzhen-Hong Kong International Tourism and Consumption Cooperation Zone will be built with high standards. To build an international first-class commercial consumption block, each district will increase its efforts to focus on building 1-2 core business districts.

With strong policy support, the construction of Shenzhen business district has been fruitful. According to incomplete statistics, by the end of 2022, there will be more than 3 shopping malls of more than 222,30 square meters in Shenzhen, and 10 shopping malls with an annual turnover of more than <> billion yuan, and a number of high-level commercial complexes such as Shenzhen MixC City, Qianhai Yifang City, Vientiane Tiandi, Shenye Shangcheng, and Shenzhen Bay MixC have emerged. Shenzhen Huaqiangbei Business District, Shenzhen Bay MixC Mall, Shenzhen Longgang Vanke Plaza GALA Business District, Shenzhen Yifang Tiandi Shopping Center, Shenzhen Vientiane Tiandi, Shenzhen Shuibei Business District, etc. have been rated as provincial demonstration characteristic pedestrian streets (business districts).

The emergence of "top-stream" business districts is accelerating, new consumption landmarks are frequently coming out of the circle, and characteristic commercial streets are booming... In recent years, with the rapid development of many emerging business districts such as Nanshan Vientiane Tiandi Commercial District, Qianhai Commercial District, Longhua Commercial District, as well as the upgrading of key commercial districts such as Dongmen Commercial District, Huaqiangbei Commercial District, Futian CBD Commercial District, and Houhai Commercial District, Shenzhen is building a multi-regional and multi-level business district system, providing world-class commercial carriers and broader new consumption space in order to accelerate the construction of a consumption center with important global influence.

The first store economy "Zhen Honghot" international big brands accelerated the gathering


On July 7, Galeries Lafayette officially opened its first store in South China in Shenye Uptown, and many well-known brands at home and abroad unveiled their first stores simultaneously, injecting new vitality into the Futian CBD business district and Shenzhen commercial market. On the same day, the turnover of the store exceeded one million yuan, and Shenye Shangcheng hit a new high-level in a single day since its opening, with the overall customer flow exceeding 8,20 person-times and the overall performance exceeding 2000 million yuan.

On the track of the first-store economy, Shenzhen is walking non-stop. Since the beginning of this year, a large number of "first stores" with sufficient gold content, high popularity and strong radiation, including the first store of Galeries Lafayette in South China and the flagship store of Qianhai Sam's, have accelerated their concentration. According to statistics, in the first half of the year, a total of 121 first stores were opened in Shenzhen's mainstream commercial market, involving various formats such as catering, clothing, and fashion and lifestyle. Among them, 40 new stores were opened in China and 42 were opened in South China, an increase of 25% and 10.5% respectively compared with the same period last year, and the "gravity" of the first store continued to increase.

Entering the major business districts in Shenzhen, from the first store in the region and the first store in the country to the flagship store and new concept store, from trendy brand buyers, beauty and fragrance, fashion boutiques, special catering, all kinds of first stores and various formats through multi-dimensional innovation of products, services, business models and other multi-dimensional innovation, bringing more novelty to Shenzhen's characteristic business districts and enhancing the vitality of urban commerce.

Compared with ordinary stores, the first store of a well-known brand with its scarcity and novelty reflects the "wind vane" of a city's commercial innovation and core business district influence, not only brings consumers novel consumer experience, brand recognition and personalized demand satisfaction, but also plays a unique role in innovation and leading business models, becoming an important starting point for Shenzhen to build a world-class business district and characteristic business district.

To expand and strengthen the first-store economy, Shenzhen has goals and actions, and has more policy support. The Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Commerce issued the "Several Measures of Shenzhen on Accelerating the Construction of an International Consumer Center City" last year, which once again emphasized the need to "strengthen the first-store economy" and put forward a series of support, encouragement and incentive measures. All districts have also followed suit, "increasing" the first-store economy, among which Futian gives one-time support of up to 500 million yuan to authorized agents or brand enterprises of the first store, and Nanshan District gives incentives and support amounts ranging from 50,300 yuan to <> million yuan for commercial property operators and first-store brands that introduce the first store.

These "real money" not only greatly enhance the "enthusiasm" of the brand to choose Shenzhen and land in Shenzhen, but also promote the scale of Shenzhen's "first store economy" to press the accelerator button, and provide strong support for Shenzhen to accelerate the construction of a world-class landmark business district.

reate a "three-degree" space for global consumption and unlock the "traffic password"




Around the Mid-Autumn Festival National Day Golden Week, Luohu intensively held a series of high-quality activities such as Shenzhen's first Golden Beer Culture Festival, Tsingtao Beer 2023 White Beer Life Camp Tour Exhibition, Huawei Whole House Intelligent Information Consumption Festival, and Shenzhen-Hong Kong National K Song Competition.

At the beginning of September, KK TIME joined hands with nearly 9 brand merchants in the mall, adding another fire to the continuous high-light consumption fever. As a new portal of the image of Shuibei business district, the venue includes a number of urban flagship stores and custom stores, two characteristic theme blocks, the country's first shopping center large-scale jewelry theme block Selection Jewelry Living Space, and the special food street "FOOD TIME" canteen are very popular, with more than 200,28 visitors in the first three days of opening, becoming the "top stream" in the flow of shopping center openings in recent years.

Shang because the city is prosperous, and the city is based on Jiaxing. The profound commercial and trade foundation and strong influence of the business circle are the strength of Luohu to accelerate the creation of an international consumption center core area with world trend leadership. Vientiane Restaurant, Baoneng Global Plaza, Guangdong Teemall City... At present, while continuing to build a first-class commercial carrier and enhancing the agglomeration effect of business districts, Luohu has vigorously introduced the "first store" economy and the "first launch" economy to inject new vitality into the consumer market.

In the first half of this year, the MixC Apple Store in Shenzhen, which covers an area of nearly 1,000 square meters, was opened, which is another wonderful stroke of the international brand in Shenzhen after ten years. The MixC in Shenzhen, where international brands gather, and the Duanmu Liangjin boutique adjacent to the three-story main atrium of the first phase are also eye-catching.

As a new upstart of domestic luxury goods, the brand's own value superimposed location advantages made its most "young" Shenzhen store, with a performance of 130.50 million yuan at the beginning of its opening, set a single-store sales record with a single store, and quickly became the most conspicuous Chinese brand in the top <> of the brand performance list in the mall. "The Shenzhen store is currently the best location in the offline direct store, located in Shenzhen's top business district, and located in the C position of the mall. In particular, MixC Mall, where it is located in the international high-end consumer district of Cai Ukwei, perfectly matches our brand positioning. Brand partner Li Xu said.

According to the statistics of Winshang Big Data, in the first half of 2023, Luohu District ranked first in the introduction of the first store of Shenzhen international brands, with 13 international brands. Among them, Shenzhen MixC introduced a total of 15 first stores in the first half of the year, including 2 international brand first stores in China and 7 international brand first stores in South China, and the number and grade of first stores introduced ranked first in the city.

Chinese jewelry looks at Shenzhen, and Shenzhen jewelry looks at water shells. This year, the gold price that continues to run at a high level and the hot popularity in the market have made the once low-key gold jewelry trading and distribution center repeatedly rushed to the hot search. On an Internet celebrity social platform, 111.<> million related notes poured out around the keyword "water shell", and various customer groups flocked to it, and the major gold and jewelry wholesale markets were "played" into new tourist attractions.

"Can't finish shopping, can't finish shopping! Wedding gold, gift jewelry, everything is available here. In order to arrange the negotiation opportunity, Zhejiang buyer Zhang Ying specially extended the trip. On the other hand, the love of young people for gold jewelry has greatly promoted the "online migration" of the industry.

Data show that in the past year, the number of businesses in and around Shenzhen Shuibei that have opened online live broadcasts has doubled compared with last year. Here, mature logistics channels greatly improve the timeliness and safety of gold jewelry circulation, and a large number of goods are sent to the whole country and even the world through express channels every day. Since August, the volume of express orders in the area has increased by about 8%, and the proportion of small items within 1 kg has reached more than 80%.

The gold and jewelry industry actively strives online, which is inseparable from policy support. Vigorously promote the settlement of domestic mainstream live broadcast platforms such as Shuibei Taobao Live Broadcast Base, Douyin Live Broadcast Base, and Kuaishou E-commerce Live Broadcast Base, and introduce the "Several Measures for Vigorously Developing Live E-commerce Economy in Luohu District, Shenzhen", and Luohu District has greatly supported the live broadcast economy. As of June this year, nearly 6,2000 Shuibei gold jewelry stalls have opened online stores on e-commerce platforms, becoming a new force for the gold jewelry industry in Luohu District to face the market.

The prosperity of water shellfish is not an isolated case. In the first half of the year, the passenger flow of Dongmen Pedestrian Street reached 3796.104 million, an increase of 240%. During the May Day period, the revenue of Renmin South Jinguanghua Plaza increased by <>% compared with the same period last year. The five characteristic consumption blocks of Luohu have taken the upgrading of business formats as the core, coordinated and promoted systematic projects such as environmental quality improvement, traffic circulation optimization, brand cultivation and introduction, and constantly "updated and transformed" in business ideas and consumption scenarios, continuously conveyed "new landscapes", and created more new connotations.

Food markets, trendy art festivals, theatre weeks, themed trains... The first "Luohu Shenzhen-Hong Kong Cultural Month" has become a "pearl" in the local cultural tourism consumer market this summer. According to statistics, during the event, more than 3 media platforms reported more than 5,<> articles on the whole network, with more than <> million views, and the popularity of related topics exceeded <> million.

Flourish business with festivals, gather momentum with festivals. Behind the hot consumption tide is the deep integration of cultural and business tourism elements in urban areas, the cultivation and activation of characteristic business district economy, and the further enhancement of consumption internal driving force thinking and exploration.

Through brand creation of "festivals" and grabbing "traffic", Luohu has launched a large number of high-quality consumption content and cultural tourism resource supply this year: creative life festival, Shenzhen-Hong Kong camping culture week, Dutch American life festival, wedding consumption festival, car live broadcast group buying festival and other activities to create new scenes and new experiences, while meeting the diversified life needs of citizens and tourists, vigorously promote new consumption, night economy, camping economy, coffee economy, swing economy, outdoor economy and other vigorous development. Become an emerging force driving the growth of consumption in urban areas.

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