2022 Shopping Season Shenzhen Store Manager Festival “Most Beautiful Store Manager” selection launched

Duter Client Shenzhen News Network September 5, 2022 (Reporter Hu Jinwei) Recently, the 2022 Shenzhen Shopping Season · Shenzhen was hosted by the Shenzhen Municipal Government, undertaken by the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Commerce, and organized by the Shenzhen Commodity Exchange Market Federation. The selection of "the most beautiful store manager" on the Store Manager's Day was officially launched in the city's major shopping malls, professional markets, and brand chain stores.

According to Fan Weiguo, the executive unit of the event and the president of Shenzhen Commodity Exchange Market Federation, the series of "Most Beautiful Store Managers" activities are the result of the association's in-depth implementation of the work of the municipal party committee and the municipal government on expanding domestic demand and boosting consumption under the guidance of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce. Deploy and implement the work requirements of "Shenzhen's Measures to Accelerate the Construction of an International Consumption Center City", strengthen the support of high-end commercial talents, and implement an important brand activity planned by the "Business Elite" training plan. Long" selection, and mobilize rich resources to empower store managers and help consumption.


Liu Hongqiang, executive chairman of Shenzhen Commodity Exchange Market Federation, told reporters that the selection activity focused on the system of "brand resources + store manager endorsement + acquaintance transaction + consumer rating", advocating the use of professional skills, brand integrity and service standards to allow tens of thousands of stores There are harvests and growth in the selection, which fully demonstrates the beautiful style of "the most beautiful store manager" in Shenzhen's urban construction.

Liu Hongqiang said that every store manager is the window of "Shenzhen Service" to the world. The selection of "the most beautiful store manager" will be closely combined with the marketing activities of the store managers of various brands. Enterprise brand empowerment. Fully enlarge the store manager's resources, contacts, team, private domain traffic and brand endorsement, make store user data "live", and make physical store transactions "fire".

Fan Weiguo revealed that this year's "Store Manager's Day" will launch a series of "Ten Songs" activities. The Municipal Commodity Market Federation will also cooperate with the Shenzhen Radio and Television Group Public Welfare Foundation to jointly establish a "Caring for Store Managers" public welfare fund with merchants and brand enterprises. Caring for, empowering, and serving store managers with the power of public welfare. It is understood that in addition to the selection of "the most beautiful store managers", the store manager festival will also launch a ranking of brand contribution in business districts, Internet celebrity popularity MALL, store manager afternoon tea, media shop visits, business district music festivals, live carnivals, and international fashion. Consumer Expo, International Food Festival and other series of activities.

The reporter was informed that this year's selection of "the most beautiful store manager" focuses on data and takes users as the core. Participating store managers show their style through text, pictures, videos, live broadcasts and other forms. The Municipal Commodity Exchange Market Federation joins hands with industry associations such as jewelry, clothing, watches, home furnishing, catering, automobiles, hotels, beauty, tourism, and retail to participate in the selection. The evaluation experts are representatives of industry associations, representatives of the National People's Congress, members of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, senior media people, Composition of business leaders.

Post time: Sep-08-2022