Industry leaders lead the development of a new group mark, which will escort the sale of second-hand mobile phones.

In recent years, with the rapid development of second-hand mobile phone trading market, more and more people choose to buy second-hand mobile phones. It is reported that the idle annual transaction volume of China's second-hand market has reached 1 trillion yuan, of which second-hand mobile phone transactions account for a large proportion. Shenzhen Huaqiang North second-hand mobile phone annual transaction volume of about 150 million units, the annual transaction volume of more than 300 billion yuan. However, due to the risk of irregular trading environment, many consumers have encountered some problems in second-hand mobile phone trading." Industry leaders take the lead in formulating new norms that will safely escort the sale of second-hand mobile phones."


On the afternoon of July 28, 2023, the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Commerce commissioned the Shenzhen Municipal Commodity Exchange Market Federation to organize the "second-hand mobile phone trading norms" group standard launch meeting was held in Futian. Zhang Zhenqiang, second-level researcher of Market Construction Division of Shenzhen Bureau of Commerce, Liu Hongqiang, Executive President of Shenzhen Commodity Exchange Market Federation, Wang Jun, Associate Professor and Doctor of Shenzhen University School of Management, Dr. Bo Xiaole, core talent of Shenzhen Peacock Team, and representatives of participating enterprises: Zeng Xiaodong, general manager of Shenzhen Xieteng Network Electronic Technology Co., LTD., Lin Mingxin, Operations manager, Liu Liwei, head of South China Government Affairs of Shenzhen Zhaoliangji Network Technology Development Co., LTD., Xie Bo, Operations director of Shenzhen Huobao Technology Co., LTD., Back-end operation senior manager Liu Jun, Shenzhen Aibo Green Environmental Protection Technology Co., LTD. Operations director Gao Jinyong, Shenzhen Flashback Technology Co., LTD. Marketing Director Yao Benchao, testing center technical director Peng Zhiyong, Shenzhen Tongtiantian Communications Market Co., LTD. Deputy general manager Linke, Manager Chen Dai, Shenzhen Baiwu Zhangshi Technology Co., LTD. General manager Zou Feilin, Director Commercial Manager Li Libo, Director of the Secretariat Liu Na and related personnel attended the meeting.

Zhang pointed out that the formulation of the "second-hand mobile phone trading code" group standards is of great significance to protect the rights and interests of consumers and maintain the healthy development of the industry. At present, the second-hand mobile phone trading market has problems such as asymmetric information between buyers and sellers, non-standard after-sales service, and the proliferation of fake and shoddy goods. It is necessary to standardize market behavior through unified standards to improve the transparency and reliability of transactions.
Subsequently, President Liu introduced the progress of the work of the five local standards undertaken by the Technical Committee of the Commercial cross-link Standard in the past two years, including "Electronic professional market management norms", "Cross-border e-commerce professional skill Requirements", "Jewelry professional market management norms", "Shenzhen Barter Industry Management norms" and "Live broadcast Salesman talent professional skill Requirements". In response to the preparation of this group's bid, the Technical Committee will fully investigate market demand and industry practice, widely solicit opinions from all parties, ensure that the development of feasible and in line with market demand standards, and organize experts to conduct technical review and audit, to ensure that the standard is scientific.

Liu Na, director of the Secretariat of the Business Link, explained the process and work plan of standard formulation in detail, and introduced the time schedule of standard development. The participants at the meeting made in-depth discussions in accordance with the proposed framework and divided the work tasks in the next stage to ensure the smooth release of the standard at the end of the year.

Shenzhen Xieteng network electronic Technology Co., LTD., the sub-brand "fast recycling". Fast recycling is positioned as a "recycling technology platform for engineers' door-to-door recycling" and adopts the operating model of "Internet + service + recycling technology platform". It solves many problems in the second-hand 3C industry, including information insecurity, low service efficiency, malicious price suppression and poor experience. Through the establishment of online and offline organic integration of the performance service system, to help users more convenient and quick disposal of idle goods, promote the flow of idle resources.
Shenzhen Liangliang machine network technology development Co., LTD., it is a main second-hand trading platform company. The C2B2C model and C2C model are used as the core, and the B2B model is supplemented. It is committed to creating a standardized second-hand commodity recycling system, pricing system, quality inspection standards, quality inspection process and after-sales service guarantee system, through the whole industrial chain of second-hand commodity trading. At the same time, through reasonable price evaluation and dynamic pricing of commodities, it helps users to sell mobile phones at a price higher than the average level of the industry, and improves the transaction flow rate of second-hand mobile phones.
Shenzhen Huibao Technology Co., LTD., which is a strategic investment enterprise by Alibaba, focuses on the transaction of second-hand mobile phones and digital products. Huishoubao's mission is to return idle to value, reduce the environmental impact of discarded electronic products and build a sustainable lifestyle through strategic partnerships with brands such as Tmall, Xianyu, Alipay and Huawei.
Shenzhen Aibo Green Environmental Protection Technology Co., LTD., founded in 2016. It is the national high-tech enterprises and the Ministry of Commerce renewable resources key contact enterprises. Aibogreen has established a diversified standard process system such as green recycling, environmental dismantling, testing and maintenance, and created a unique crowdsourcing model for the mobile phone recycling industry through saas platform, intelligent hardware and big data resources, reshaping the fragmented solution for mobile phone recycling.
Shenzhen Flashback Technology Co., LTD., which was founded in 2016, focuses on trade-in consumption scenarios. Through cooperation with mobile phone manufacturers, communication operators and retail channels, we have built an ecological closed loop of mobile phone "recycling" + "sales". Flashback Technology has established a huge network of offline cooperative stores across the country and has the largest offline mobile phone recycling platform in China.
In addition, the offline second-hand mobile phone professional market Shenzhen Tongtiandi Communication Market Co., Ltd. and the professional third-party RMA service provider Shenzhen Baiwu Zhangshi Technology Co., Ltd. also participated in the meeting and put forward valuable opinions in their respective fields.
Each company has its own advantages and characteristics in the field of second-hand mobile phone trading, through the cooperation to formulate the "second-hand mobile phone trading Code" group standard, will provide more standardized and sustainable guidance for the development of the industry, and promote the healthy development of second-hand mobile phone trading.

Post time: Aug-16-2023