Shenzhen e-commerce high-quality development Conference was successfully held! E-commerce giant Jingdong supermarket heavy good merchants settled quickly and easily, platform preferential policies beyond imagination!


On the afternoon of July 18, 2023, guided by the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Commerce, sponsored by Jingdong Supermarket and co-organized by Shenzhen Commodity Exchange Market Federation, the "Vientiane Renewal and win-win 2023 Jingdong & Shenzhen E-commerce high-quality Development Conference" was successfully held in Shenzhen, at which Jingdong announced: "Platform preferential policies have been comprehensively upgraded, merchants settled in Jingdong supermarket is easy and cost-effective, and business cross link helps Jingdong supermarket's follow-up projects in Shenzhen and Shenzhen's surrounding industrial belt land."

The conference attracted about 700 companies and was watched live online by more than 4,000 people. During this period, Yao Wenkai, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Commerce, and Feng Quanpu, vice president of Jingdong Group, and other guests made wonderful speeches. Mr. Zeng Jinhui, Director of E-commerce Department of Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Mr. Liu Hongqiang, Executive Chairman of the Business Association, Mr. Zhang Tiejun, Executive chairman of the Municipal Wine Association, Mr. Yang Kejian, General Secretary, Mr. Lv Yunlong, general manager of the Business Department of JD Merchants, and Mr. Ding Juan, general manager of the business Department of Toy Musical Instruments, and other leaders and guests attended the meeting. The conference brought exclusive Jingdong platform investment policies for enterprises, individuals and self-employed people in Guangdong province, and focused on analyzing Guangdong's advantageous industries, such as alcohol, toys, food and beverage, and shared relevant commodity store rules and operation skills. At the same time, Jingdong Insurance and Jingdong logistics, as the rear guarantee force, provide escort for Jingdong e-commerce merchants, reduce costs and improve efficiency.


In recent years, China's e-commerce has maintained a rapid growth trend, and the annual e-commerce transaction volume in 2022 was 43.83 trillion yuan, an increase of 3.5% over 2021. This year, Jingdong Retail supermarket Division listed Shenzhen as one of the key cooperation cities, hoping to use Jingdong's digital intelligence social supply capacity to help more Shenzhen merchants achieve better development and income on the Jingdong platform.
The conference released a series of important policies and measures, including the launch of Jingdong supermarket Shenzhen industrial belt special action, Jingdong "spring dawn plan" preferential support policies, logistics and insurance support policies and investment policies. In addition, it also issued the new regulations for investment promotion of Jingdong supermarket in 2023, and some categories support the trial operation of "0 yuan store", that is, no deposit is paid during the trial operation, and the deposit is paid after the trial operation ends and enters the formal operation stage, and more than 90% of the categories are open to "0 yuan trial operation". The platform has also introduced a number of preferential policies, during the event, new merchants can enjoy 12 support policies such as "new store gift package" and "advertising virtual gold", reducing the threshold for merchants to enter and the cost of opening a store. At the same time, it also released the exclusive rights and interests of the merchants in Shenzhen and Guangdong Province, providing exclusive rights and interests for the merchants in the industrial belt of food and beverage, fresh food, toy Musical Instruments, personal care, home care, mother and child, pet life and alcohol.


In the future, Jingdong Supermarket will increase its efforts to help the development of Shenzhen's e-commerce industry. At the same time, industrial belt enterprises are encouraged to rely on e-commerce platforms to expand online markets, especially in wine, toys and imported food industries. Jingdong will further strengthen the integration of e-commerce and advantageous industries, promote industrial development, and build a modern industrial system. Jd Logistics will continue to deepen its efforts in the six major industries and provide high-quality development support for smes through optimized inventory layout and intelligent tools. Through online digital capabilities and the entire industry chain capabilities, Jingdong will help Guangdong merchants achieve rapid development. will also upgrade its marketing and operational capabilities to drive the growth of the total retail sales of local social goods. Jingdong will further simplify access and provide more policy support to help Guangdong merchants seize market opportunities and achieve high-quality growth. We look forward to the common development of Jingdong and Shenzhen e-commerce industry to achieve a win-win situation!

Post time: Aug-16-2023