Shenzhen Futian District investment promotion and enterprise service center for business links to contribute wisdom to promote economic development!


On July 31, 2023, Minister Yun Zhang, Vice Minister Quanzhou Qin and staff Yunxuan He,Dandan Zhu and Xinze Pan of Investment Promotion and Enterprise Service Center of Futian District of Shenzhen made a special visit to Shenzhen Commodity Exchange Market Federation. With the business Association chairman Weiguo Fan, executive chairman Hongqiang Liu, Vice president Zihua Wang, secretariat Director Na Liu and other comrade conducted in-depth exchanges, jointly discussed the latest policy of Futian District investment and service enterprises, and put forward valuable suggestions on how to better serve enterprises of business Association, in order to promote the development of the federation.


President Weiguo Fan and Executive Chairman Hongqiang Liu warmly welcomed the arrival of the Futian District Investment Promotion and enterprise Service Center. Hongqiang Liu introduced the development history, current situation and future planning of Shenzhen Commodity Exchange Market Federation in detail. The author puts forward his own ideas and suggestions on how to combine the policies and measures of service enterprises with the development of the federation.

At the symposium, Minister Yun Zhang introduced the latest policies and measures in Futian District's industrial policy, innovation support and tax incentives. He also said that the government will continue to strengthen exchanges with business associations, commit to solving practical problems, and provide a better development environment and support for enterprises. In addition, the Government will further plan and implement a series of activities to promote mutually beneficial cooperation between associations and promote the common progress of various industries. At the same time, the government will actively support and guide the association to carry out digital construction, provide policy support for it, help it expand domestic and foreign markets, and open up broader development prospects for the association.

This symposium has deepened the understanding and needs of both sides for each other, established a closer cooperative relationship, and also provided new ideas and directions for the future development of business ties. Through exchanges, the business link also found its own shortcomings. In the future, BCCL will continue to strengthen the communication and cooperation with Futian District Investment Promotion and enterprise service Center, constantly improve the service level and ability, and provide better services and support for member units and commodity trading market.

Post time: Aug-03-2023