The 2023 edition of the Fortune Global 500 list is freshly released: 10 Shenzhen enterprises are listed

On August 2, 2023, the latest "Fortune" list of the world's top 500 companies has been officially released. A total of 10 companies headquartered in Shenzhen entered the list this year, the same number as in 2022.

Among them, Ping An of China ranked 33rd with an operating income of US$181.56 billion; Huawei ranked 111th with an operating income of US$95.4 billion; Amer International ranked 124th with an operating income of US$90.4 billion; Tencent ranked 824 with an operating income of US$90.4 billion China Merchants Bank ranked 179th with an operating income of 72.3 billion; BYD ranked 212th with an operating income of 63 billion. China Electronics ranks 368th, with an operating income of 40.3 billion US dollars. SF Express ranked 377th with an operating income of US$39.7 billion. Shenzhen Investment Holdings ranks 391st, with an operating income of US$37.8 billion.

It is worth noting that BYD has jumped from 436th place in last year's ranking to 212th place in the latest ranking, making it the Chinese company with the most ranking improvement.

It is reported that the Fortune 500 list is considered the most authoritative measure of the world's largest enterprises, with the company's operating revenue from the previous year as the main evaluation basis.

This year, the combined operating revenue of Fortune 500 companies is approximately US$41 trillion, an increase of 8.4% over the previous year. Barriers to entry (minimum sales) also jumped from $28.6 billion to $30.9 billion. However, affected by the global economic downturn, the total net profit of all companies on the list this year fell by 6.5% year-on-year to approximately US$2.9 trillion.

Integration source: Shenzhen TV Shenshi news


Post time: Aug-09-2023