The Business Association visited Zenteng International, and the global cross-border e-commerce logistics ushered in intelligent changes.”


On June 28, 2023, President Fan Weiguo and Executive President Liu Hongqiang of Shenzhen Commodity Exchange Market Federation (hereinafter referred to as "Business Link") led Wang Zihua, Chairman of Barter (Shenzhen) Technology Group Co., LTD., General manager Thunder, General manager Wang Shibo of Chuangmao Technology (Shenzhen) Group Co., LTD., General Manager Xue Xue of Guangdong Xue Hang Group Co., LTD., and other members in charge visited Shenzhen Zhuanteng International Freight Forwarding Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhuanteng International"), I had a full exchange with Li Yu, Director of International public relations of Zonteng, Dai Tomorrow, director of Customer Department of Barns Overseas warehouse, and Yi Xiong, manager of Marketing Department of Barns.

Founded in 2009, Zenteng International is a global cross-border e-commerce infrastructure service provider headquartered in Shenzhen. They provide integrated logistics solutions such as overseas warehousing, dedicated logistics services, commodity distribution and supply chain services. Zenteng International has a number of well-known service brands, such as barn overseas warehouse, Yuntu Logistics, Zenteng Guantong and Ward Taike. They serve more than 15,000 cross-border e-commerce merchants worldwide.
During the visit, Li Yu, director of Zenteng International, introduced logistics, warehousing, overseas warehouses, AI intelligent products and WMS management system to the visitors. Modern logistics is no longer a simple transport of goods, but a highly intelligent and efficient collaborative process. Zenteng International showcased their automated sorting system, intelligent storage equipment and other high-tech products. The flexible distribution network and efficient warehouse management capabilities of overseas warehouses provide convenience and competitive advantages for cross-border e-commerce. The application of AI technology has enabled a comprehensive upgrade of supply chain forecasting and intelligent customer service. The customized WMS system enables real-time management and optimization of logistics operations. The combination of these smart products and new technologies will greatly improve efficiency, reduce costs, and provide better service to customers.


Post time: Aug-16-2023