The Secretary General of Jiaxing Chamber of Commerce of Guangdong Province visited the Business Link with a delegation of entrepreneurs.


On July 7, 2023, the Secretary General of Jiaxing Chamber of Commerce of Guangdong Province visited Shenzhen Commodity Exchange Market Federation (hereinafter referred to as: Business Liaison) for a linkage discussion. Fan Weiguo, President of Shenzhen Commodity Exchange Market Federation, Liu Hongqiang, Executive Chairman, Tang Lihua, Secretary General of Jiaxing Chamber of Commerce of Guangdong Province, Wang Yukun, Vice President of Zhongnong Union Holding Group, Wang Changlong, Vice President of Zhongjiao Water Planning Institute, Xu Guobing, CEO of Hydrogen and Oxygen Source (Shenzhen) Technology Development Co., LTD., Feng Weilun, General manager of Shenzhen Gravitational Wave Union Technology Co., LTD., Wang Zihua, chairman of Barter (Shenzhen) Science and Technology Group Co., LTD., and Liu Na, director of the Secretariat of Business Liaison, attended the meeting.

President Fan Weiguo warmly welcomed the visiting units and said that the company has always adhered to the service concept of "linking the market and creating value" in serving members and related units. The company has been committed to promoting market interconnectivity and resource sharing to meet different levels and diversified market needs, providing strong support for the construction of Shenzhen as an international consumption center city, and also helping the construction of "dual zones".


The group focuses on the agricultural sector and strives to contribute to the development of the agricultural industry through technological innovation and industrial integration, according to Wang Yukun, vice president of the group. Their vision is to make agriculture better and strive to promote the modernization and intelligence of the agricultural industry. Wang Yukun introduced their latest research and development of Denba project, which uses innovative technology for the preservation and conversion of agricultural products from frozen to fresh. Through unique technical means, the Denba project can maximize the preservation of agricultural products during transit. He hopes that through the promotion and application of the Denba project, it can help achieve rapid and safe transfer of agricultural products and improve the efficiency and value of the entire industry.

Through this exchange and discussion, all parties have reached an initial cooperation intention, and said that they will further follow up and launch detailed cooperation discussions, establish an effective communication and coordination mechanism, and lay a solid foundation for more in-depth cooperation in the future, and look forward to more business resources docking in the future.

Post time: Aug-16-2023