Shenzhen Commodity Exchange Market Federation (CEMF for short) is based on big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, backed by financial services
A diversified commodity trading service platform that gathers market forces, promotes business circulation, and promotes global economic exchanges with quality.

Overseas Internet celebrities bring goods
Build cross-border e-commerce, live short video, supply chain and other platforms Link 2000+ internet celebrities around the world to directly bring goods Quickly cultivate popular products and enhance brand influence Promote double growth of foreign trade orders.


Exposure Drainage
Through single product search through 200+ keywords, 109 multilingual website building systems, leading search engine SEO technology, multi-channel marketing promotion technology, and tens of thousands of seller resources on more than 40 mainstream e-commerce (cross-border e-commerce) platforms. Diversified, efficient, high-conversion Google seo traffic diversion.

Global Big Data Mining
Through Google search engine, Google Map, Google Shopping and other fields, tap global B2B enterprise data and valuable business opportunities, use big data to serve product marketing, and provide accurate consumer customer group portraits for products.

Solve the marketing pain points of cross-border overseas enterprises

High Cost

Independent station inquiry quality is low, get guest cost is high, passive waiting is too helpless

Data Disorderly

Multiple software and marketing data into islands, can not be reused

Data Disorderly

Multiple software and marketing data into islands, can not be reused

Low social efficiency

Account titles, group-sent message is intercepted, delivery rate is low

Low social efficiency

Integrate global superior resources, strictly screen layers of quality products,
improve service quality,Control trading risks, etc. A top-level high-end
resource system with global influence

Source product SKU
Professional Big seller
Ecological service enterprise

Perfect sales system

Global customers provide a variety of high-quality Chinese products and global products into China,
involving domestic department stores, commercial complexes, Tens of thousands of big sellers on more
than 40 mainstream e-commerce (cross-border e-commerce) platforms

Real, official and comprehensive data sources + AI intelligent technology, fast access to valuable data


Precipitation exclusive private domain of enterprise customer pool swimming in active development acme experience

pt2-circle (2)

From global social data, customs data, search engine data and other data sources, one-click mining global enquiry information and buyer data;

The artificial intelligence AI tool 360° is used to backtune potential customers and accurately match potential buyers and decision makers;

AI Visitor Identification AI User Portrait AI Enterprise Insight AI Decision Maker AI Inquiry

Through social marketing and other ways and channels to efficiently reach buyers, help foreign trade B2B enterprises to improve the conversion ROI of different customer acquisition channels;

At the same time, seamless connection SCRM customer management system, to create a closed-loop marketing one-stop solution for foreign trade enterprises, promote the rapid growth of foreign trade performance!

Peer Social Data
Monitor your peers' LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other profiles. Which potential customers communicate and interact with peers every day to understand the interaction times and interaction trajectories of precise fans (potential customers) interacting with peers, which can mine the Email, Phone, social accounts and other data of potential customers of these peers.

AI intelligent Big Data
With only one key word, you can get the latest enquiry information from LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and other major social platforms. One-click view of the original enquiry post is supported, and the value of enquiry and procurement details are deeply identified with AI mining and AI enterprise search. One-click access to the purchaser's company name, decision maker and other information data.

WhatsApp Data
Through keywords and country codes, the whole network collects the WhatsApp personal precision numbers on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and other platforms in real time to search the global open WhatsApp group data. At the same time, the data of WhatsApp personal phone of users in the group is extracted in bulk, including 10M+ potential WhatsApp numbers.

Big data is changing the way foreign trade gets customers

Find a sales lead

Huge amounts of big data combined with custom search criteria can identify potential users

Data Disorderly

Multiple software and marketing data into islands, can not be reused

Data Disorderly

Multiple software and marketing data into islands, can not be reused

Low social efficiency

Account titles, group-sent message is intercepted, delivery rate is low

Big Data—What can be done

Monitor peer social media interaction customers

Real-time collection of peer social media inquiries

Mining customers who have not left inquiries on the official website

AI big data mining contact information


Global business data: 388,557,458 companies
Global trade data: 1,139,719,511
Search engine data: 524,103,159 domains


Decision maker data: 837,472,215
Email data: 2,674,135,392
PHONE data: 1,549,693,199 items


Tik Tok: 314,691,155
WhatsApp: 351,746,074
YouTube: 355,519,777

Accurate, verifiable source of data

By collecting information on companies and stores registered on Google Maps, you can obtain less than 200 items at a time
Enterprise information, support contact verification, efficient and fast!

Covering more than 200 countries around the world, 820 million customs data, shipping data and transit data
Covering 10 million international buyers and 8 million global suppliers
Real-time update, mainly covering North America, South America, EU, Asia, India and Pakistan and other regions.