Article 1 The members of the Association are mainly unit members and individual members.

Article 2 The unit members and individual members who apply to join the association must meet the following conditions:
(1) Support the articles of association of the Association;
(2) Willingness to join the Association;
(3) Should hold relevant certificates such as industrial and commercial business license or social group registration certificate; individual members should be industry experts or legal citizens recommended by members of the council or above;
(4) Meet other membership requirements stipulated by the professional committee.

Article 3 The procedures for membership membership are:
(1) Submit an application for membership;
(2) After discussion and approval by the Secretariat;
(3) The Federation will issue a membership card to officially become a member.
(4) Members pay membership fees on an annual basis: 100,000 yuan for the vice president unit; 50,000 yuan for the executive director unit; 20,000 yuan for the director unit; 3,000 yuan for the ordinary member unit.
(5) Announcement in a timely manner on the Association’s website, official account, and newsletter publications.

Article 4 Members enjoy the following rights:
(1) Attend the member congress, participate in the activities of the federation, and accept the services provided by the federation;
(2) the right to vote, to be elected and to vote;
(3) The priority to obtain the services of the Association;
(4) The right to know the articles of association, membership roster, meeting minutes, meeting resolutions, financial audit reports, etc.;
(5) The right to make proposals, criticize suggestions and supervise the work of the Association;
(6) Membership is voluntary and withdrawal is free.

Article 5 Members perform the following obligations:
(1) abide by the articles of association of the association;
(2) To implement the resolutions of the Association;
(3) Pay membership dues as required;
(4) To safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the Association and the industry;
(5) Complete the work assigned by the Association;
(6) Report the situation to the Association and provide relevant information.

Article 6 Members who withdraw from the membership shall notify the Association in writing and return the membership card. If a member fails to perform its obligations for more than one year, it can be regarded as an automatic withdrawal from the membership.

Article 7 If a member falls under any of the following circumstances, its corresponding membership will be terminated:
(1) applying for withdrawal from the membership;
(2) Those who do not meet the membership requirements of the Association;
(3) Serious violation of the articles of association and relevant regulations of the association, causing significant reputational and economic losses to the association;
(4) The license has been revoked by the registration management department;
(5) Those who are subject to criminal punishment; if the membership is terminated, the Association will withdraw its membership card and update the membership list on the Association's website and newsletters in a timely manner.